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Obligations of Publisher

Energy Publishing, the Publisher, will provide Subscribers and their nominated Users with access to the coalportal.com website and to those publications, reports and indices on the website that it publishes in accordance with their respective release schedules for the period of time according to the subscription package paid for by the Subscriber.

Obligations of Subscriber

The Subscriber recognizes and acknowledges that the publications, reports and indices published on coalportal.com and elsewhere by Energy Publishing are protected under copyright law and will treat all information contained in them accordingly. The Subscriber may print one copy of any publication, report or index, but will limit the circulation of that copy to employees at the physical location of the subscriber's nominated address. Distribution, reproduction, or circulation in whole or part to non subscribers is not permitted without the express written permission of the Publisher and may be considered as a breach of copyright and the terms and conditions of subscription. The Publisher reserves the right to take action for any such breaches.

Online Payments

Refunds on any online purchases made will only be provided in the event of overpayment.
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